Information about the Spiritual Retreat in India- Free to join

Friday 4th of November 18.30-19.15


Spiritual Retreat in India

Yoga, Meditation och Ayurveda med Govind RadhakrishnanFölj med på en unik resa till magiska Arunachala

Hit har spirituella sökare letat sig sedan urminnes tider. Det är en speciell energi runt det heliga berget Arunachala som ligger vid staden Tiruvannamalai. Här finns även många intressanta ashrams som vi kommer att besöka och även meditera i.

Du får ta del av det genuina Indien långt från turistvägarna. Govind guidar oss med sin djupa kunskap om indien, kulturen och spiritualitet genom tempel, meditationsgrottor, bergsutflykt och en speciell giri valam, en pilgrimstur runt berget, gåendes och med oxvagn. Vi får besöka många platser och träffa sadhus på ett sätt som vi aldrig haft möjlighet till utan Govind. Han har själv mediterat i området sedan han var tonåring och har med sitt ödmjuka och entusiastiska sätt mycket att dela.

Det är en resa lika mycket i det färgsprakande yttre som i ditt djupaste inre väsen. Vi yogar, mediterar och får satsangs (föreläsningar) om ayurveda, yogans olika vägar och mycket mycket mer. Var och en får i början av retreatet en individuell session med Govind där du får råd utifrån din unika ayurvediska konstitution.

Yogan gör vi utomhus i en enkel shala varje morgon, yogan är enkel och hjälper oss att öppna upp eventuella blockeringar i kroppen. Det är klassisk indisk yoga ledd av Govind med fokus på vårt inre.

Ta chansen och följ med på en mycket fin och speciell resa och i fotspåren av många spirituella mästare bland annat Ramana Maharshi.

Resan är ett samarbete mellan YogaDevi och Santhi Yoga.

About Govind

Govind is born and raised in India. His spiritual journey has been guided by several masters from Himalaya to Trivandrum. He speaks from a place of deep experience, when he relates traditional yogic philosophy and practices. He focuses on yoga as a tailormade practice designed to fit your individual needs and personality.

Govind is both easy-going and deeply present at the same time, and his teachings are full of wisdom and laughs. He has been living in Denmark with his wife Anna Marie for the past 11 years. This has given him a unique insight and ability to combine yogic philosophy and Western culture in a tangible and relevant way.

Pris och bokning

Datum: 1-14 februari 2023

Pris (mat ingår): 14140 Dkk (1900 EUR / 19950 SEK)

Tillkommer: Flyg till Chennai, transfer till Tiruvannamalai samt boende.

Vi skickar ut mer information om detaljer vid anmälan eller om du mejlar oss på och vill veta mer.


Några ord från tidigare deltagare:

”Being taught yoga, pranayama and meditation the traditional yogic way, and the opportunity to meet and have satsang with authentic Yogis, Swamis and Vedic priest is a rare luxury. A gold mine for spiritual seekers.”

Anders Haldin, 43, Graphical designer & animator


”The spiritual atmosphere of the mountain of Arunachala was definitely the biggest experience for me. Arunachala is a great place to be, one of the finest and most spiritual places in India. It has a special atmosphere that promotes mindfulness.”

Morten Steiniche, 45, Journalist

Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda Retreat

A spiritual retreat with daily yoga & meditation and classes in the ancient yoga philosophy and ayurvedic life understanding. Govind takes you by the hand all the way and he dedicate his full time to help you and your group to get the most out of each day. The course takes place inside the resort Arunai Anantha and “out there” in the amazing Tiruvannamalai – in the middle of the ancient spiritual vibrations in ashrams, meditation caves, temples and on the pilgrim walk around the holy mountain Arunachala.

Visit as a guest, not as a tourist

Get inspired from the direct touch! Govind invites you to “his India” – in his home country and to the mountain Arunachala where Govind has been meditating since he was a teenager. This opens an opportunity for you to learn from the inside of an ancient, rich and unique culture. Together, we cross the usual tourist border lines and make you feel as a participant rather than a spectator. All guest teachers -including swamis and other radiating personalities – are people Govind is personally connected to. The places Govind takes you to are places that inspire him the most whether it’s an amazing temple or a poor farmer in his hut. They all have stories to tell. In each step, you are personally guided by Govind.

Daily program

05.45 – 08.00: Yoga & Meditation
08.00 – 09.00: Breakfast
09.30 – 11.30: Spiritual Class/ satsang
12.30 – 13.30: Lunch
15.00 – 18.00: Guided tour, meditation or guest teachers
18.30 – 19.30: Dinner
19.45 – 20.15: Group reflection

Each afternoon you have some hours to “digest” on your own: visit your favorite ashram, drink a chai in the local tea stall or chill out with a fresh papaya juice. But most of the time you are with the group and will be guided by Govind.

Price: 14140 DKK

Price: 14140 Dkk (/1900 EUR / 19950 SEK)

The price includes: course fee for 14 days course; totally 100 hours course, including:

  • Daily yoga & meditation classes by Govind Radhakrishnan
  • Ayurveda classes: learn to apply ayurvedic life principles as a part of your personal practice
  • 3 daily meals (Indian, vegetarian)
  • Individual one-to-one session with Govind Radhakrishnan
  • Course certificate
  • “On location classes” during the course we move around in different locations in Tiruvannamalai;
  • We meditate in the ancient meditation caves in the holy mountain Arunachala Meditation;
  • We visit small and huge temples;
  • We join chanting and vedic rituals in ashrams;
  • We go for the pilgrimage walk around the mountain

Not included: Transportation, accommodation.

How to get there

Transportation: You are responsible for your own flight and for local transportation from the airport to the resort and back. Nearest airport:Chennai airport (also called Madras Airport) located 4 hours’ drive from Tiruvannamalai. Further information regarding arrival/taxi and more will be send when you register.

Good to know

Procedure: to register you need to fill out a registration form and pay a deposit.

Payment: Deposit of 3500 DKK/470 EURO to be paid when booking. The rest of the payment is to be paid 2 months before the retreat begins.

Cancellation procedure: In case of cancellation up till 2 months before the retreat: 50% of the deposit will be refunded. If you need to cancel after paying the full course fee, we can return 50% up till 2 months before retreat.

Covid-19: we hope that the situation will be safe to travel but remember to book a good travel insurance. Gouda will assist you in case you cannot travel due to Covid-19.

Participants: we can have up to 20 in a group. But usually we will be 12-15 persons. The minimum amount will be 8 persons.

What to bring? Vaccines? Visa? Get advice and more in the FAQ

Language: We speak and teach in English.

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

Ramana Maharshi

An individual journey towards your inner “Real meditation is actually not something you teach. It is something that happens. It’s depth, effect and wisdom is impossible to describe with words. But the results is always visible and even the slightest effort to make the mind calm is rewarded

Govind Radhakrishnan

“Yoga Asanas is not about forcefully trying to reach a physical posture. It is about getting the benefit of a position which works in subtle layers of your body and existence.”

Govind Radhakrishnan