Drum Building Course

Creating your own drum.17-19 February 2023

During this weekend Filip Fišer offer his craftsmanship skills, knowledge and experience to support you in the process of creating your own music instrument. There is something immensely satisfying about creating something with ones own hands. The mind tends to get quiet and a full immersion into the creative process takes place. It is a very child-like quality and I witness it in people over and over again. 

The drum sound is accompanying humankind since the beginnings of time. It is in the heart of all spirit oriented cultures across the planet. There is much that a drum can unlock, give access to within oneself. It is an essential, ancient wisdom that comes through its vibration. It points to the sacred that wants to be shared, that is there to be listened to. Find out for yourself.

Arriving at 16:00.
Introducing ourselves to each other, sharing our intention, choosing skin and frame, soaking the skins in water.

From 9:00 until about 16:00-17:00.
The main working day! We build all day with brake for lunch. Possibility for a concert/sound journey in the evening.

From 9:30 until about between 13-15:00.
Drum finishing, making a drum stick, Introduction into the drum how to use it. Burying skin leftovers, giving thanks.

What to bring
Filip will provide the skins, frames and most of the tools, you only meed to bring:
• Big and sharp scissors
• Big towel (for having soaked skin on while working it)

Datum: 17-19 februari 2023
Plats: YogaDevi Birkastan, Tomtebogatan 30
Pris: 4.000 kr (inklusive material och trumbyggarkurs)


Mer om Filip och hans hantverk hittar du på:

Informations about the materials

Filip is mainly making the frames by himself sourcing the wood from a local sawmill. He uses either beech, ash, elm tree or willow.  Sizes are from 35cm to 55cm circular shape. He will bring several frames to choose from so everybody can find what they like.For a specific size/shape request please connect with us.

All the skins come from Scandinavia, mainly north of Norway and Sweden. Filip only use deer and reindeer skins, moose is optional (check about availability). Non of these animals was shot for its skin, its a matter of regular hunting where skins would be normally left behind as there is very little use for them.

Tuning system:
I strongly recommend to add a bike tube tuning system (I provide the tubes) into the drum. It may sound strange but it enables you to make your drum play in any conditions.