Ayurvedic Workshop with Govind

13 november

Principles for harmony in relationships

During this interesting workshop you will get tools for using ayurveda to self heal and understand the challenges in relationship and how to harmonise.

Datum: 13 november
Tid: 10-13
Pris: 850 kr
Plats: YogaDevi Birkastan, Tomtebogatan 30


Govind’s mission is to share awareness about the deeper paths of yoga and to exemplify that practising yoga and meditation with the right attitude, wisdom and awareness will make you enter deeper states of consciousness.

Govind is an Indian yoga master who has taught spiritual yoga and meditation in India and Europe since his spiritual awakening as a teenager. He is known for his compassionate way of sharing spiritual knowledge from the ancient Indian path of yoga. Govind is known for mixing his life wisdom with humour and for bridging the cultural differences between east and west.