Govind Radhakrishnan

THE POWER OF THE FIVE ELEMENTSHow to ground yourself with elemental focus

The 5 elements that we are made of are surrounding us daily. You can use them to help you in your daily spiritual practice, or just to boost yourself with energy.

You will tune into each of the elements and learn the characteristics and benefits of them. You will also learn how to practically tune into the elements using different tools and how the elemental focus can support your grounding and guide you into a meditative state.

This workshop is especially beneficial for those who find it hard to build up a steady meditation practice due to a running mind and for those who struggle with stress and tensions.

Govind begins with introduction and theory behind the elemental energy followed by practical exercises and will end with a short meditation.
Course fee includes materials that we will use during the workshop and which you can keep afterwords.

The workshop is for everybody who are curious on a deeper approach to yoga and meditation and held in easily understandable English.

Overview of the workshop:

9.30-11.30 Theory & practical exercises

11.30-13.00 Lunch
13-15 Practical exercises & meditation

About Govind

Govind is born and raised in India. His spiritual journey has been guided by several masters from Himalaya to Trivandrum. He speaks from a place of deep experience, when he relates traditional yogic philosophy and practices. He focuses on yoga as a tailormade practice designed to fit your individual needs and personality.

Govind is both easy-going and deeply present at the same time, and his teachings are full of wisdom and laughs. He has been living in Denmark with his wife Anna Marie for the past 11 years. This has given him a unique insight and ability to combine yogic philosophy and Western culture in a tangible and relevant way.

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Price and booking

There are 2 options for the weekend, please see below and both of them you have the possibility to add on the led primary class.

Introduction workshop, 3 mysore classes, 3 workshops, 3.250 SEK


Introduction workshop, 3 mysore classes, 1.500 SEK


Led primary class, Thursday 17-19, 450 SEK


YogaDevi Birkastan, Tomtebogatan 30, 113 38 Stockholm