Pranayama, Asana and Chanting Workshop

with Sara Granström and Guy Powiecki

16-17 February 2019

Experience the joy of pranayama and deepen your understanding of the different techniques involved.

During this two day workshop we will help to refine the technique of each participant, working intensively with a small group allowing lots of one on one instruction and observation.

There will be a led asana class each day, accessible to all levels. We will see how yoga postures can be a great support for pranayama, even practicing asana as if it was almost pranayama. The focus will be on attitude, tempo and working within our body’s limits. Creating an entirely positive and beneficial physical practice.

You will learn and experience in your own body why pranayama is considered to be such a great method for spiritual growth. In the afternoon there will be a discussion on the details of practice, with plenty of time for questions. This is your chance to ask anything you have wanted to know about pranayama or to satisfy your curiosity about this profound art.

Afternoon Chanting Session
and working with the element of sound gives another excellent platform and support for bringing calmness and clarity into the mind. This prepares us for the rest of our yoga practices while also being full of its own benefits.

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9.00-11.30 Praktik

11.30-13.00 Lunch/frukost

13.00-15.00 Praktik + diskussion


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Garvargatan 22, Kungsholmen


Sara and Guy are two of the most experienced and skilled pranayama teachers in Europe. They have both studied extensively with classical pranayama master Sri O.P Tiwari and have been authorized by him to teach.

Sara was a senior teacher at Samahita Retreat under Paul Dallaghan, growing and learning from him. Today she writes and runs teacher training courses in Sweden with the help of her husband Guy. Guy started his relationship to yoga in an academic setting with a university degree in Indian religions and Buddhism.

They both started their practice within the method of Ashtanga Vinyasa and have since then broadened their understanding of physical yoga by studying with teachers like Richard Freeman, Chuch Miller and Dona Holleman. Through their influence, Sara and Guy’s approach is moving beyond physical practice and refining the relationship between body, breath and mind. Increasingly they are spending time in Buddhist meditation and mindfulness retreats, bringing the wisdom gained from this back into their yoga teaching.

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