Pranayama Workshop

with Guy Powiecki

6th October 2019

Discover pranayama and deepen your understanding of the different techniques involved.

During this half day workshop we will introduce the profound practice of pranayama, the traditional breath control practice from the hatha yoga method.

You will learn and experience, in your own body, why pranayama is considered to be such a great tool for spiritual growth. Discussions and explanations on the details of practice gives a foundation for continuing your own personal program of exercises at home. This is a perfect opportunity to ask anything you have wanted to know about pranayama or to satisfy your curiosity about this profound art.

Short on Pranayama

The word ”pranayama” is often translated as ”expansion or elongation of life force” and it represents one of the main methods of classical hatha yoga. In this tradition of yoga, pranayama is maybe the most highly regarded tool to be used for creating a greater contact with the inner world and more subtle parts of us as human beings. Through regular pranayama we prepare the body and mind for further meditation practices.

About Guy

Guy first encountered yoga in an academic setting, specialising in Indian religions and Buddhism, while studying for a theology degree. Before working with yoga Guy also studied and worked as a personal trainer and nutritional adviser.

As a practitioner he sees the importance of practicing asana, pranayama and meditation as mutually supporting forms for spiritual growth. Guy discovered pranayama through Paul Dallaghan and is now a dedicated and senior student of, classical pranayama master, Sri O.P. Tiwari having been authorized to teach pranayama by him. Guy has studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with Richard Freeman, David Swenson and Chuck Miller. In learning meditation he spent time with a number of Buddhist teachers, from both Tibetan and Theravadan traditions, but more recently with a focus on Vipassana practice in the Mahasi Sayadaw lineage. Guy’s knowledge of the breath has been broadened by his interest in free diving.


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Tomtebogatan 30, Birkastan

BokaBetala in workshopen i pranayama i vårt boknings och betalningssystem.
Yogamattor finns att låna.
Dörrarna öppnas 15 minuter innan klassens start.
Det är bra att boka sig i tid för att garanterat få plats.